Looking Up and Seeing

I was walking downtown the other day between offices as I do at least two times every day.  This time was a little different.  I looked up.  I looked up and saw a mural painted on the side of the building.  It was huge – probably 20 -30 feet tall and just as wide.  The mural was nice but nothing breathtaking by any means.  What struck me was how I never noticed it before.  How long was this mural there?  How many times did I walk past and never even noticed it?  I continued walking to the office but with a strange grin on my face because at that moment I realised how tuned in I felt.  I was tuned in with my surroundings, my breathing, my feelings, friends etc. 

It was a perfect normal moment.

 Since that day, I walked the same street not only looking up but looking at people – looking at their faces and trying to see if our eyes would meet.  It’s an amazing little experiment I encourage anyone with the courage to try.  It’s a little weird at first because you quickly realise how you and many others never really look at the people.  On a 10 minute walk I probably passed by 50 people and out of that only one person looked at me in the face and our eyes met.  When it happened we both smiled.

 I am not suggesting go out there and stare people down as you walk the city streets (that will get you beat up) but take notice of the places and people you pass by.  There is a lot to experience, even in those seemingly ordinary moments :).

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2 thoughts on “Looking Up and Seeing

  1. Cécile says:

    Great stuff indeed! Liked your milestones, favorite, how long you’ve managed to stay alive considering all you have done…very busy lucky star you have 😉 And yep, you’ve been a great friend, to so many, to me. I am lucky to have a friend like you!Cheers!!

  2. Sock says:

    There are no ordinary moments. Only seemingly ordinary moments, as you say. I do think we grow though, when we’re lost in the moment, lost to the idea that there are no ordinary moments…

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