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Being More About Fishing

I recently discovered (with the help of my coach) a great truth in my life about how I fish and how I lead my life when I’m not fishing.

  1. When I go fishing, I often get to a lake, river or stream unprepared and without expectation, I just wade out and cast my line.
  2. When I go fishing, my gear typically hasn’t been checked or inspected and my flies haven’t been sorted.  I often find out when I’m on the lake that I missing that one fly that I was hoping to use – I shrug it off and stay and fish anyway.
  3. When I go fishing, I usually go alone.  I love the quiet solitude and the freedom to fish (or not) when I am out there floating.
  4. In the winter before I go fishing, I read through three books that I read almost religiously every year before the season.  I set my sights on a new body of water to try my luck – and I dream.
Photo by Kirsty Knudson

Photo by Kirsty Knudson

Fishing gives me solitude, freedom, relaxation, confidence and a quiet acceptance of everything around me.  No need for control, plans or expectation.  Taking fishing to the rest of my life would be life changing and all those wonderful things I mentioned before.

Being more about fishing is more about values and priorities.  Being true and unreserved.  What is your fishing moment?

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Tell One Person

photo by Kirsty Knudson

photo by Kirsty Knudson

It is so simple to influence, share and generate change in this amazingly connected world.  After watching KONY 2012 I realized we all can make whatever difference or impact that motivates us, regardless of the magnitude.  Reaching one new person each day or week can create a staggering network of awareness within one year.  Reaching one person can create staggering awareness within one life!  If you are a Facebook user, how often have you “liked” a comment or status?  Imagine something you believe in, something that you are passionate about, something that you want to share.  Isn’t that a better way to use Facebook or any other form of social media?

Watching The Lorax this weekend with my kids conveyed a similar message.  The message was simple and powerful and was only one word – “unless”.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.”

photo by Kirsty Knudson

photo by Kirsty Knudson

Last week I made a slight change in my daily routine.  I attempted to simplify my day by watching no television.  Instead of lying on the coach and watching TV till I could barely keep my eyes open, I had more meaningful conversations with my wife, I read that book that was staring at me for the past two months on my bedside table and I reflected about what I was passionate about and I began blogging again.  I also got out of bed this evening struck with an idea for a website called  I registered it. 🙂

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Kid Lessons – Arguing

My children were arguing and crying one day. I asked my six year old son to apologize to his younger sister. He didn’t want to apologize because he claimed he didn’t do anything wrong, I said “I know”. I asked him to give her a hug and say I love you anyway.

He did. Argument over.

Adults, take a lesson.


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Merge or Yield?

Merge or Yield?


Ever drive down the highway and experience the indecision of whether to merge or yield? A few weeks ago that analogy make perfect sense in my life. I had been yielding and letting others go first, allowing the will of friends and colleagues to take precedence over my own life goals. Call it kindness or fear but my inability to merge in, take control and set my direction kept me further from my life purpose I have often referred to in other blogs.

Next time you’re driving and you come up on a merge, take it, jump into the flow and set your direction. You may find you get there faster :).

Life lessons in Music?

I get inspired from music.  I also believe I was largely taught many life lessons by music.  I remember when I got my first radio / cassette player.  I couldn’t have been any older than 6 or 7.  It was a silver, narrow upright model.  I can’t remember the brand name but I am pretty sure it was a no name model.  I tried to Google an image for a late 1970’s AM/FM cassette player but nothing familiar turned up (you get the idea I am sure).  

As a child, I listened to music incessantly; I remember Casey Kasem’s American top 40, local radio rock stations in Montreal and of course CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – public radio).  Many songs of course had themes of love lost, hard times, and others of personal triumphs.  I learned the words to many of those songs not knowing the meaning behind them.  As I got older, the words to some of those songs stuck with me and the meanings of them slowly revealed themselves as I matured and could relate to them. 

I made many road trips with my parents growing up.  Their car had an 8-track player.  It had a mixture of music ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to ABBA and was heavy on the country music side.  I remember singing along in the car to many country songs.


My son (age 5) now has his own MP3 player and he too listens to music a lot!  His night time routine is to play his music before he goes to bed.  I often hear it still playing long after he has fallen asleep.  I managed to find a picture of his player. 

 I find it remarkable how quickly kids pick up the words to song.  My son is in a French emersion school and many of his lessons are learning through music.  He learned the days of the week, his letters and numbers in French by singing them.  I can’t believe I remember this – but here is a an old clip from the TV show “Happy Days” that shows how some people learn better with music (10 minutes):

 I need to put more thought into his music list.  His playlist currently has a mixture of children’s song in English and French as well as a couple of Celtic and top 40 tunes.  I will post an update shortly with a list of his music – I also welcome any suggestions! 🙂

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