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As a project manager, milestones are usually at the top of my mind.  The other night at a hockey game (please see earlier post on sports) I witnessed a significant milestone for Craig Conroy of the Calgary Flames.   Craig played his 1000th NHL hockey game on Oct 28, 2010.  For those of you interested, click here for some footage on Craig’s milestone.

That night as I was standing with almost 20,000 other fans applauding Craig’s accomplishment, it got me thinking about what a milestone really is.  I was wondering why do we place so much significance on an even number – like Craig’s 1000th game or with wedding anniversaries or birthdays?  We place great significance on a targeted number – like an even 40th birthday or a 25th wedding anniversary but what about the days in between?  What about the small victories and accomplishments we achieve by simply being a husband, dad, son, friend or employee? 

I am very happy for Craig’s career milestone and in no way diminish that great achievement of 1000 games.  I too have those celebrated proud moments like my 10th wedding anniversary later this year or the birth of my children, however I want to celebrate those milestones and accomplishments that I achieve every single day by being a husband, dad, son and friend.  Here are a couple of my celebrated milestones today:

  • I have been alive  for 38 years, 7 months and 6 days
  • I have been happily married for 3601 days
  • I have been a father to a boy for 1992 days
  • I have been a father to a girl for 1175 days
  • I have been a friend to someone everyday of my life for as long as I can remember

These are some of my milestones and I celebrate them today.

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