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Jack Layton – Helped us ‘Get it’

I joined the NDP party last Spring. Partially for the policy (I am a little to the left when it comes to politics) and partially for the leader – Jack Layton. Jack Layton passed away one week ago today. His impact to Canadian politics was honest, true and rooted in common values around equality. Listening to Jack was like being in college again. He helped me to remember the idealism of my college years. Whether Jack or his party could have led the country successfully is not a concern of mine. What I did care about was the passion, honesty and integrity he brought to the job. How can you fail with those three awesome qualities?

I was in Denver for a business trip last week. When I left in the morning the taxi wound its way through the side streets of the city. I travelled through a part of the city less known to tourists. I saw crowds gathering at food banks and drop in shelters. I saw their tired faces and large back packs that they carried with their entire life’s possessions. I saw the comradery that they all shared with each other as they lived each other’s reality. I sat there in the car and wondered what would it take for society to ‘get it’? I think Jack was on to something and I hope others saw it as I did. Thanks Jack for helping me to ‘get it’.

Here is an article that sums up Jack’s impact in his last letter to Canadians.

He couldn’t have said it better…..

“My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.” – Jack Layton

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Some Conscious Advice from the Family Doctor

Last weekend I got the bright idea that I wanted to have laser eye surgery. I own two pairs of mild perscription glasses – sunglasses and regular glasses. Both pairs of glasses are scratched and are generally beat up (mostly from roughhousing with the kids). Last weekend I was once again screwing the loose screws in my glasses and decided it was time for a change, time for something new, time to get rid of the old routine and fix these eyes of mine.

I proceeded to send a few emails to some friends I knew that had had laser eye surgery and asking for their referrals and a summary of their experience. After some positive feedback and a number of popped up conversations over coffee I decided to make the appointment. After setting the appointment I realized that there was one more person I should consult and that was my family doctor. My family doctor, Doctor S, is a fairly young doctor with some ‘old school’ approaches to medicine and rarely hands out medication unless it’s really needed. I remember a couple of years ago I had pneumonia and had to go back to Doctor S three times begging for antibiotics until I finally got them – all he said was “ok I give in”, three days later, it cleared up. 🙂

I waited in his office until he came marching in with his hand out to shake mine as he always does. I began telling him I didn’t need him to do anything “doctor-like” except give me his professional opinion about laser eye surgery. As I knew he would, he did not say yes or no but rather got me to answer the question myself with some baited statements. He said, “if this is something that you have wanted for some time then go for it, if it will improve the quality of your life i.e. be more active, then go for it.” He did go on to say that I would probably need glasses again in years to come (as far sightedness creeps in) but not likely for 10-15 more years after the surgery. I left Doctor S’s office that day realizing how reckless I was to consider getting eye surgery on a whim. I also began wondering how much of my life is based on whim and how much is truly based on what I wanted for some time? Needless to say, I didn’t go through with it.

How many ‘laser surgeries” do we pursue? How often do we truly seek what we want and desire?

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