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Kid Lessons – Arguing

My children were arguing and crying one day. I asked my six year old son to apologize to his younger sister. He didn’t want to apologize because he claimed he didn’t do anything wrong, I said “I know”. I asked him to give her a hug and say I love you anyway.

He did. Argument over.

Adults, take a lesson.


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Living Dreams

My posts are infrequent but my thoughts are constant.  One of those thoughts that keep coming back to me hit me while I was running yesterday.  While running westward and watching the sun set below the Rocky mountains I realized how easy it truly is to live a happy and full life.  It all comes down to perspective, attitude and recognition of the perfect ordinary moments in our lives.

The simple words of Martin Luther King Jr. – “I have a dream” back in 1963 came to me and I thought of my dream.  The dream was grand, and the dream was perfect and the dream was simple and it went something like this:

“I have a dream that I can become the dad my children look up to. I have a dream that I can become the husband that loves and supports unconditionally. I have a dream that I can accept and learn from the experiences of my parents. I have a dream that I can become a best friend to my brother.  I have a dream that I can live with passion, honesty and integrity with everything I do.  I have a dream that I can love life, capture its wisdom, harness it, share it, learn from it and contribute to the lives of others.  I have a dream.”

I came across a tune other day that helped me to appreciate the fact that I am living my dreams.

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“Have a great day. Make some magic.”

I arrived at Disney World the other morning and I was told “Have a great day, make some magic.”. For the rest of that day I was left with a positive feeling wondering if I too could get away with saying that at work or in the morning to my wife and kids? How we greet each other and what we hear, feel and experience in the morning so often sets the tone for the rest of the day and I think Disney has it down to a science. Down to the janitor that cleans the washrooms there are people who feel part of that magic, part of the fulfilling purpose of serving others.

I am going to take inventory of those things that set my day in the right direction (and those that don’t) and try to ensure there is a little more magic in my days :).


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Second Chances

I mentioned before that I don’t believe in luck but I do believe in the power of choice.  I believe that at every moment of our lives we can choose to be genuinely honest with ourselves and those around us.  The more we choose to live genuinely, the greater fulfillment we get from our lives and the closer we get to living our life purpose (“There’s no higher purpose than service to others” – Dan Millman).

The passing of a close uncle of mine this week has left me with a sense of loneliness.  Loneliness that he has moved on but happiness for having witnessed him live a genuinely loving life.  A life  purpose fulfilled. 

At times of grief, families and friends get together and for a few moments all congregate for the purpose of remembering a life.  This can for some however, be a time of sorrow and regret. 

I read an article this week from an absolutely fantastic magazine called Ode Magazine called “Buy Now, Pay Later…Be grateful for all life’s second chances.”  I have attached it here:

Buy now, pay later – Be greatful for all life’s second chances

The message of the article told me to never feel like it’s too late to live genuinely, to listen to the voice inside you and to act upon it when heard.  There is much in the world we cannot explain and there is much more we probably cannot fix however we can choose to try, in whatever way we can – this is what I tell myself tonight.

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Leaving Footprints

….while we may be crossing the river our footprints will always remain on the other side….

I heard this the other night and it brought a flood of all the life decisions I made – good and bad (well not  all of them).   This time of year always puts me in a frame of mind where I reflect on those choices and decisions that has made the life that I live.   My wife, children, friends, where I live and where I work all result from the millions of choices I made everyday till this moment.   I don’t believe in luck but I do believe in choice for every moment.

A few weeks ago I travelled to Montreal to visit my uncle who I have admired and respected my whole life.   He was dying but his life was very much alive.   It was probably one of the most difficult and beautiful moments of my life when I hugged him and told him that I loved him.   His life, honesty, love and most importantly, his choices have left footprints on the other side of the river, footsteps that I follow.  

Knowing that my journey (and those of others) is a shared journey,  leaving footsteps for some to follow and some to witness is a comfort.   I am thankful for the people in my life that have let me witness their footprints.

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The Spirit of Giving…Always

I heard on CBC radio earlier this week that the CBC annual food bank fundraiser was targetting $1 million dollars this year.  Many non profit organizations depend on these large campaigns to fund them throughout the whole year.  While I thought that this was an amazing goal for such a great cause, what happens throughout the rest of the year?  

So the budget is addressed for many of these organizations, that helps.  Nice work. 

But what about the spirit of giving that started it in the first place?  What about the good will and extra politeness in traffic – allowing more yields than we usually do?  What about the increased patience we give to our in-laws during the holidays and over Christmas dinner?  What about the extra tip we give to our hair dresser or barber?  What about the extra time we spend with our kids and enjoying their company?   What about the get togethers with our neighbours and friends?  What about the gifts we exchange with those we care about and appreciate in our workplaces?  What about the gifts and notes to teachers and caregivers?  Are all these part of that annual giving campaign? 

 It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of our busy lives (I should know, I haven’t blogged for a month!)   However, lets make a habit of being nice, of giving, loving and thanking everyone around us.  Perhaps trafffic won’t be as bad, family dinners will be more tolerable,  going to work will be a joy, hanging out with our kids will be fun and those that we love and care for will ALWAYS know how you feel about them.

I know what my New Year’s resolution will be this year, thanks to the spirit of giving.

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