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Staring at Stars

I am a sci-fi geek.  I love all things space.  Earlier this year on  Jan 3, I ventured out past the Calgary city limits late one evening to see the meteor shower.  It was a little disappointing as I only saw three as the lights of the city were still quite bright.  Despite the slight disappointment with the shower,  I was still content to sit out there in the complete quiet of a cold winter night starring up at the sky with hope.

Is it hope, longing, or just plain awe that draws us to the skies?  Is it the countless possibilities and the mysteries that space holds ?  I heard a great comment a while back “you see the world as you are”.

How are YOU when you see the world? or more specifically, when you see the night sky? 🙂

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How to Save a Life

I scan news headlines everyday. It beats listening or watching to the gloom and doom on radio or TV. I can choose when and how I want to be informed. I came across a story that struck a cord in me the other day.  A 7-year old boy was suffering from a rare disease and needed a bone marrow match. As a result, a bone marrow swab clinic was being held at a nearby university. There was no question, I had to make this in hopes of helping this child or someone else (apparently your screening is entered in a worldwide database).

In this ‘perceived’ busy world and busy life, we quickly and easily forget how precious life is and what truly is important. As I referred to in an earlier blog when I was in perfect silence – I realized that living without the moments of pure “silence” takes us away from the perfect, true and honest moments – the ones with perspective. Reading that article put me back into the perfect silence – where my perspective was clear and my purpose of going to the swab clinic was unwaivering.

I went to the swab clinic and I may save a life one day.  Not bad for wisdom in the moment and taking action when inspired by perspective!

For more information on bone marrow donations you can go here to One Match.

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