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Saying Hello in Airports


Sitting in an airport you see lots of goodbyes and hellos. It got me thinking. How do I say goodbye and hello? How do I say these things to those I know and love?

What about the people we meet? The strangers?

A long time ago someone told me that they hated deplaning and arriving at a gate and having no one to greet them. I thought of that and decided to watch the faces of crowds deplaning today and I believe many of them were also looking around as they got off.

Perhaps I should have waved at them? What if someone came over and said hello? The airport has got to be one of the most interesting places. You see people and from all corners of the globe with stories of their own but yet no one speaks to each other!

Next time you are at an airport gate and watch crowds deplaning, give someone a nod or smile. Knowing that there is someone there waiting at the gate for them may make their day :).

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